New Inventions in 2011. The Short List

5 Dec

Most new inventions 2011 were aimed at either technology or developed by independent inventors. The progression of technology demands newer and better devices on an almost daily basis. This isn’t to say that the usefulness of the existing technology has been compromised. It’s just what happens as we advance in innovation. We are constantly evolving and take the “We can build it better.” attitude. Here are a few of the more notable new inventions 2011. There are many, many more.

New Inventions of 2011

As I implied above, these may not be the best new inventions 2011, but they’re all important and unique. .

3D TV Without a Need for 3D Glasses
Sure, they’re super expensive right now but some people really love the idea of being able to watch their shows in 3D without the goofy looking glasses. Using an integral imaging method, multiple images are displayed on the screen at the same time from different angels which helps to create natural looking 3 dimensional images.

Medical Mirror
A student at MIT named Ming Zher Poh’s new invention 2011 is called a Medical Mirror for heart patients. Those suffering with heart disease can stand in front of a mirror which can help the doctor detect the patients heart rate.

LCD Anti-glare Glasses
These LCD glasses with glare-blocking technology help with lowering the glare dynamically. This in essence means the probe / sensor fitted over the nose-bridge of these eye glasses first identify the glare and sends a warning to a microcontroller. The microcontroller redirects the LCD glasses in showing a black colored sq . patch at the spot precisely where glare was detected with the sensor. Remarkably the field of vision of the person wearing the glasses isn’t interfered with at all.

Artificial Cells
The manufactured cells were developed by researchers in the J Craig Venter Institute. The DNA that regulates these types of cells is artificial. These cells are built with a long-term objective of generating fuels and medicines. Critics with this modern technology have brought up suspicions regarding the problems involving regulation and control.

Google Prius
One of Google’s new inventions 2011 is a car that was manufactured by Toyota that drives itself. The goal into the software Google developed (which drives he car) was to have less accidents on the roadways.

All the new inventions 2011 mentioned above are recognized for their usefulness and in making every day life a little more useful for some people. There are tons of other new inventions 2011. You’ll be really surprised just how many by doing a simple search for new inventions.

Some of the new inventions above were referenced by this source.

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