New Inventions 2011. Is Yours On The List?

5 Dec

New Inventions 2011Folks like us might not know it, but there’s been a ton of life changing new inventions 2011 that are just now getting attention. Just when we think everything to be invented already has, new technology and ideas pop up more often than we think or know about. Have you ever thought about coming up with a unique idea for a new invention? Here’s a little advice:

What do you think could make your daily living easier? Would you like to have a better way to do something? Maybe make something more efficient? Use brainstorming software to create a database of all the possible things that could simplify the things you do from day to day. If you don’t have brainstorming software, that’s ok. Use a notepad. If you’re serious about this, you’ll eventually graduate yourself to brainstorming software once you warm up to your new role as an inventor.

As we know Rome wasn’t built in a day, neither were the new inventions 2011. They took time and a lot of thought. They were probably not even the original invention ideas. So pick out some of the ideas from your list that seem like the best ones. Make sure the idea for invention hasn’t already been taken. You can do this on the Google Patent site or the United States Patent and Trademark site.

Now, let’s consider all the resources you already have. If one of you’re invention ideas is to create an artificial eye that can see, you’ll need to consider if you have the resources available to develop a prototype. You may need to get financial backing. And that’s OK too. There are plenty of places you can go to and try and get funding. You don’t need a prototype in the beginning, but this is something to consider.

Now you’ll need to do what anyone who developed new inventions 2011 or any other year did that were successful. The idea needs to be developed. Will you need a team of people to assist you? Have you tested the idea and made sure it is something that will be welcomed into the marketplace? If all things point to go, it’s time to file a patent application. You can hire a patent attorney, a patent agent, or you can do it yourself. Look at all of your options before you lay down a lot of money.

Even if you’re under the assumption that there’s nothing new to invent or discover, understand this… new inventions are being developed all the time. New inventions 2011 soared with new technology and medical inventions. More and more independent inventors created more new gadgets and products than ever before. Consider being the next greatest inventor and see where you’re ideas can lead you.

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