Patent Pending In One Day

4 Jan

If you’re tired of reading website after website, one article after the next and one opinion after another on how to get your invention idea patent pending then use this FREE guide!

Provisional Patent Application, Filing It, Using It, Selling It

1 Jan

I’m going to give you the absolute best advice on how to file a provisional patent and what to do make money from your new inventions. After all, unless you have mighty deep pockets, one is really no good without the other.

35 Kids Invention Ideas To Create Right Now

17 Dec

17 Dec

35 Kids Invention Ideas To Develop Right Now

How To Turn Junk To Jewels

15 Dec

15 Dec

New Inventions 2011 and 2012. The Years Of Technology

10 Dec

What a great year for new inventions 2011! The need to “work” has pushed many Americans into creating new inventions and starting businesses from home. Sometimes it takes a thing like chaos to make us do things we’ve always wanted to do but were too afraid to try.